Considered a trash species in the eyes of many an inshore angler, the Sea Robin is an odd looking fish - with wings and legs. Prized and highly used in Europe where it is known as the Gunard, the sea robin has a flesh very similar to fluke or flounder, but slightly firmer and with a sweeter but very mild flavor.

At first, a bit difficult to clean efficiently, you'll soon be able to pull nice fillets off these tasty fish which literally blanket the oceans and bays of the North Atlantic. From simple to a little more complex, below are a few of our dishes that we made from the odd looking Sea Robin.

Sea Robin Nuggets
Sea Robin Maki
Sea Robin Nest
Sea Robin Sashimi
Did you know that many species of "garbage fish" - discarded by most recreational and commercial fishermen - are voracious predators? Species of fish like skate, dogfish and sea robin are the vacuum cleaners of the ocean, laying waste to anything that will fit in their mouths, such as juvenile flounder, weakfish, shad, herring, blue crab, hard clam, and the list goes on. This is nature and as native species, they have every right to scarf up what they can wrap their ugly mouths around, but as these fish are predominatly released, since most fishermen don't want to bother with them, they proliferate at a rate much higher than the species of fish commonly kept by fishermen. Makes sense, right? The problem is that this creates an imbalance in marine population inshore and by responsibly partaking in these delicious fish, you are helping to manage the marine ecosystem. So thanks for that.